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  • Stephen Fairley, The Rainmaker Institute – Be the Center of Influence One tremendous way to set yourself up to receive referrals is to become the center of influence in your community. In a recent monthly coaching call, Stephen Fairley with the Rainmaker Institute, gave some tips on becoming the center of influence or toll booth in which all requests for services flow through.
  • South Carolina Lawyer Advertising Decision on Worker's Comp TV Ad This is an attorney disciplinary matter involving a complaint filed against Respondent by an "anonymous member" of the South Carolina Bar for broadcasting an allegedly misleading television advertisement. The Commission on Lawyer Conduct filed formal charges against Respondent. Respondent filed an Answer in which he denied the alleged misconduct. Following a hearing, a Hearing Panel of the Commission on Lawyer Conduct ("the Panel") concluded that Respondent’s advertisement was "neither inherently misleading nor actually misleading."
  • Slam Down of South Carolina Disciplinary Counsel on Lawyer Advertising This is one of the more remarkable efforts by a state bar to squelch good lawyer marketing. Remarkable because of the breadth of resources the bar wasted chasing down an anonymous complaint about an attorney's TV ad that was benign. Its pretty scary, however, to think that a bar would be devoting such resources (paid for by mandatory dues that it extracts from its members) on such bad logic...and, that it appealed to the Supreme Court of South Carolina, (thereby wasting more time and resources for everyone) a decision by the “Hearing Panel of the Commission on Lawyer Conduct.”
  • Stephen Fairley ,The Rainmaker Institute – Allied Professionals When it comes to selecting a referral partner, non-legal professionals are one of the most overlooked groups. Read this article to learn some of the tips provided by Stephen Fairley with The Rainmaker Institute in a recent monthly coaching call.
  • Stephen Fairley ,The Rainmaker Institute – Increase Client Referrals In a recent monthly coaching call, Stephen Fairley with The Rainmaker Institute revealed strategies to increase the number of referrals you receive from other professionals and your clients. Read this article to discover how you can build a strong referral network.
  • Stephen Fairley, The Rainmaker Institute – Educate Your Clients Stephen Fairley with The Rainmaker Institute gives insight into how to get more referrals for your law firm. Read this article to learn more about what he says about educating your clients on who makes a good referral.
  • Foster Web Marketing Foster Web Marketing and I have been doing business for some time now, and here are a few reasons why I always recommend them to my Mastermind members and other attorneys I know.
  • Lawyer Marketing Guru Ben Glass to Team with Michael Gerber to Create the Blueprint for a World Class Lawfirm Attorney Ben Glass, founder of Great Legal Marketing, has announced that he has teamed up with Michael Gerber to create a brand new CD/Workbook product, How to Create a World Class Law Firm Using Effective, Ethical and Outside the Box Marketing. This product, scheduled for release by Great Legal Marketing in June , will surely be a hit for those entrepreneurial attorneys who realize that being the best attorney in the room isn't enough without marketing and systems in place that rocks.
  • Lawyer Marketing Tips | Irresistible Offer An irresistible offer should be an important part of your marketing strategy. It should get the conversation started with potential clients. By reading this article, you will discover how you can create an irresistible offer and why “free consultation” does not fall into this category.
  • Lawyer Marketing | It’s All in the Headline The headline is one of the most important aspects of any ad or website. However, many firms make the mistake of wasting this precious real estate. Find out how you can create an effective headline that gets the conversation started with potential clients.