Here Are the Six Types of People You Should Include in Your Database

Every lawyer is—or should be—familiar with "the list": your expertly maintained database of clients, potential clients, friends, family, and just about anyone with whom you've ever interacted or who have expressed interest in your law firm. Are you dissatisfied with your current list, or do you want to rebuild it from scratch? Here's what you need to know, courtesy of Great Legal Marketing. 

A Good Database Has Six Essential Components

A good website can be your most important asset. Find out why.What should you include in your law firm's database? "The list" should include:

  1. Every person who has ever called you on the phone, or sent you an email, or waylaid you on the street, or raised his hand at a conference to ask you a question. 
  2. Every potential client who has been referred to you by another source (friends, family, other lawyers, etc.) and has taken the trouble to contact you in some way. 
  3. Every local attorney who does not directly compete with you in your area of expertise. 
  4. Every one of your vendors, from the people who supply your stationery to the people who maintain your website and Internet connection. 
  5. Every one of your friends and relatives (and, if possible, their friends and relatives as well). 
  6. Every professional in your area who is in a position to influence the choices of his clients (e.g., doctors, therapists, real-estate brokers, and so on). 

What do all these people have in common? Well, some, by contacting you first, have already given you permission to market your services to them. Others, by being within your circle of trust (family, friends, vendors, lawyers), can be relied on to throw some business your way, given some judicious prodding.

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