If You Believe that All Lawyers Are Pretty Much the Same, You'll Be Doomed to Failure

One of the ironies of the legal profession is that, deep down, every lawyer believes that he's somehow "special"—yet he continues to market and advertise his services in a way that makes him pretty much indistinguishable from every other attorney with the same specialty and the same location. If he continues this self-defeating process for a few years, this lawyer may even come to believe that he's no longer unique, but merely a fungible commodity. This is not a recipe for success!

There Are Many Ways in Which Lawyers Can Differentiate Themselves

If you feel like you're slipping into the "I'm just a commodity" mindset, here are some things you can do to get your mojo back:

  • Develop a unique selling proposition. Imagine a potential client asking, "Why should I give my business to you, and not to the lawyer down the block?"
  • Create a niche. You can't be all things to all people; the most successful lawyers have at least one lucrative specialty.
  • Offer not just your services, but a complete experience. A touchy-feely, welcoming attitude can go a long way; why do you think people patronize Starbucks?
  • Use an effective marketing approach. If your advertising is distinctive enough, potential clients will come to know your "brand" and think of you when they need help.

If you believe, deep down, that you are producing the same legal "widget" as every other lawyer in your area, and that a client can just as well choose another lawyer over you and experience no difference in the outcome to his case, you need some advice about how to set yourself apart from the pack.

Ben Glass
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