A Well-Made Video on Your Website Can Help to Attract Potential Clients

You're no doubt familiar with that old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, this doesn't apply only to photographs, paintings, and illustrations, but to videos as well — which is why you can enhance your website's success by placing an informative video front-and-center on the home page. To do this, though, you'll have to make sure that the video targets your ideal client.

Many Prospective Clients Are More Comfortable with Videos than Words

How can a home-page video enhance the success of your law firm's website? Well, many potential clients prefer to watch videos, because:

  • They can get a sense of what you look like, and how “sympatico” you are to their concerns and issues.
  • Many people today are more accustomed to watching videos than reading reams of copy; just think about how popular YouTube is!
  • If you deal with less-educated or non-English-speaking clients, they may glean more about your services from a video than from a written description.
  • In your video, you can show examples of the kinds of cases you handle (say, a recreation of a T-bone car accident).
  • You can convey a lot of written information in your video, with captions and subtitles, thus killing two birds with one stone.

Of course, you can't just slap a video on your home page and expect a potential client to figure out what he's supposed to do—you also have to provide a suitable headline and a brief description of what the video covers.

A Well Placed Video Can Help Your Website

Videos are great for your clients, but they are perfect for your website too. We have talked about SEO before, for example, link building, keyword strategy, and content management. But there is more to SEO ranking! Google and other search engines look at how clients behave while on your website. For example, search engines look at how long people stay on a page, or if they are interacting with your content. Videos are an excellent way to increase your Time on Page metric. If Google sees your web visitors staying on your website for a long time to watch a video, they will give your site a boost.Harness the power of video for your law firm.

To increase engagement, include a call-to-action on your video. YouTube allows you to create pop-up text that can link the user to another page. Include this pop-up during or after the video to encourage your users to visit another page of your website. Getting users to visit multiple web pages is very important for SEO, so remember to include a call-to-action link either in the video or the text below the video.

The Formula for a High Performing Video

It's hard to predict which video will be a viral sensation or a dud. At BenGlassLaw's YouTube page, we have some well-produced videos with great editing and sound. However, our best performing video is a simple video on "settlement formulas" that Ben made using his tablet. This video violates nearly every known rule about a good video, but it gets more views than any other video on our page! What we can learn from this example is that people are more interested in what they can learn than a highly polished video presentation.

Here are some tips for making your next video.

  1. Make a list of commonly asked questions. Our "settlement formulas" video comes from one of the most asked questions in personal injury. Though the answer is "there isn't a settlement formula" we still give the users valuable information about their case. Make videos for those questions that are asked most often, and people will naturally find your video in a Google search.
  2. Don't worry too much about the production quality. Some lawyers are afraid to get in front of the camera because they don't want to make a campy, unpolished video. If this is you, get over it! Most YouTube videos are a little gritty, and as long as you are entertaining or informative, your user will not mind.
  3. Try to be fun and casual. People can sense if you are tense on camera, and they may watch less of the video if you look uncomfortable making it. Relax and try to have fun. If you are very camera shy, make a text only video.
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