Let's say you have invested an ample amount of time, money, and logistics into crafting a TV advertising campaign for your law firm: you've shot and edited your ad, figured out what channels to air it on according to what schedule, and handed over your check to the ad rep for your local cable system. You can relax now, right?

Is Your Intake Staff Prepared?

Well, no—you have to prepare yourself to track incoming calls from prospective clients and turn as many leads as you can into paying customers. Attorneys who are new to our brand of marketing want a turn-key approach. They mistakenly believe that if they could just get more leads, they will get more clients. This is far from the case. You would be surprised to hear how many law offices answer their phones with the curt greeting "law firm." Too often, marketing campaigns go awry when your receptionist answers the phone and has no idea what the prospective client is talking about. That person assumes they have the wrong law firm, or even worse, assumes your firm is not as good as your ad.

Do You Have Tracking In Place?

Optimizing your systems to track television ads in your law firm.You need a system for every lead, caller, and client. Those systems can help you manage the influx of leads and track where those leads came from. It's not enough to simply slap your firm's 800 number on the TV screen and invite viewers to call. What you need to do is to set up a new toll-free number, dedicated specifically to your TV commercial, as well as a unique URL that TV viewers can access (not the home page of your law firm). Why?

  • Set up a separate toll-free number, so you can distinguish people who called in response to your TV ad from those who have seen your number elsewhere.
  • A dedicated URL can capture information about the people who saw your ad. This data helps you assess if your ad performed or if it flopped.
  • You can customize the message on your dedicated web page to resonate with what you said in your TV commercial.
  • Your staff can identify incoming calls from people who have seen your TV commercial, and craft their responses accordingly.
  • You can capture each and every potential client who has seen your ad and has been intrigued enough to reach out and make contact.
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