Your Unique Selling Proposition is the Heart of Your Law Firm’s Marketing

Your law firm’s marketing strategy should revolve around one question: "If I were looking to hire an attorney, why would I hire me?"

The answer to that question is your unique selling proposition (USP), and it should be featured in every aspect of your marketing.

Imagine your website as what you would say if someone came up to you at a party. Would you talk endlessly about yourself—how many articles you have published, how many awards you have won—without even asking how this new acquaintance is or what he’s doing there? He is not going to stand there long before making an excuse and walking away—or in your reader’s case, clicking away.

You’ve got to give him a reason to stay—a hook, a purpose—a reason for him to raise his hand and ask for more information. This is your law firm’s unique selling proposition, and it should be the reason why:

  • A customer would not choose another attorney. Your law degree and experience are not part of your unique selling proposition, and here’s why: Are you extremely qualified? Have you handled these cases before? Do you offer a free consultation? So does everyone else. Your USP isn’t unique if every other attorney does it too.
  • A customer would choose you. This is the heart of your selling proposition—and perhaps your entire marketing campaign. What sets you apart? What can you offer your client that she desperately needs and that other attorney will not or can not offer?Why should a client choose you over other attorneys?
  • The customer should hire you instead of doing nothing. Many attorneys are so focused on taking business from the competition that they forget their customer has a third option: to do nothing. This could mean not hiring an attorney and “going it alone” in this case, or becoming overwhelmed and forgetting about filing a case altogether.

Remember: focus on something that sets you or your firm apart from your competition. Did you practice a different kind of law in the past that would add to your insight? Do you specialize in pedestrian injury cases because you were once struck by a car? Once you find your USP, you can begin making it a vital part of your innovative legal marketing plan.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.