How Negative Thinking Will Put a Hold on Your Goals, Business, and Bottom Line

On the day you were born, there were always two answers to every question: yes or no. But as you grew, you realized that there were many different answers, options, and even questions for every new question, making simple problems more and more complex.

The problem is, many attorneys regress right back to their early days when designing their law firm’s marketing campaign. They resist certain marketing practices because they are unwilling to see the potential, relying on the safe “no” instead of “yes”—or more commonly, “won’t,” “isn’t”, or “can’t.”

Let’s examine a few ways these negative phrases will affect your business:

  • “I can’t do that right now.” You should avoid the word “can’t” at all costs. If you think something isn’t possible, ask yourself why: Why can’t you? Is it the money, the time, or the technical experience? A good marketing campaign will require at least a little of all three.
  • “That won’t work for us.” This is probably the worst answer to any new idea. How do you know it won’t work unless you try? When people say this, they’re really saying, “I don’t want to try that,” because they are too scared, too lazy, or too narrow-minded.
  • “Our firm isn’t the same as that other business.” Some attorneys are so locked into their own profession that they cannot see the benefit in learning from success in any form. They should be asking which things about that business will translate to their firm, rather than focus on what will not.Don't give up on your goal for your law firm.

As an attorney, you naturally want to argue many different points before making a decision—and that can work well for your marketing as well as your cases. Instead of instantly shooting down an idea—not matter how outrageous—consider the potential benefit. Even if it doesn’t seem likely to work for you at face value, think about all the ways it can be adapted to suit your needs.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.