For lawyers and business owners, social media isn’t always about being “social.” It’s about business.

During the April 2010 coaching call, Ben Glass interviewed Shahar Boyayan of BuzzBooster, who provided insight into social media and its impact on lawyer marketing.

If people aren’t initiating contact after finding you online, it’s either because they don’t trust you, the message is not clear or you failed to create desires.  According to Shahar, these are the three key points to social media.  When you are doing anything with social media, you have to ask yourself:

  1. How can I increase trust?
  2. How can I present my message in a clear way?
  3. How can I create desire?

Shahar says that when you are able to answer these questions, when it comes time for your call-to-action, they come.

Creating trust is crucial in any Internet marketing campaign, including your social media efforts.  When people are searching online, they don’t know who you are and really, they don’t care.  They are searching for answers to their questions.  You know you have the answers, but you only have a few seconds to portray this fact.  Web video is a great way to show your prospects that you have their solutions and can help them with their problems.  Video will increase the level of trust people have in you.

Shahar teaches that you have to spend 98 percent of your time in social media educating your prospects and increasing the level of trust.  Only 2 percent of your time should be spent on a call-to-action.  People will already be able to tell that you “are the wise man or woman on top of the mountain,” just by educating them.  Too often lawyers make the mistake of saying, “oh by the way, if you’ve been hurt, give us a call.”

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