Attorney Internet Marketing Tip #1: Social Media is No Longer an Option

It wasn’t long ago that many business owners could care less about Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, but things have changed.  In today’s Internet marketing climate, if you want your clients to find you online, you better start paying attention to social media.

During the April 2010 coaching call, Ben Glass interviewed Shahar Boyayan, the founder of BuzzBooster, who provided insight into social media and its impact on lawyer marketing.

According to Shahar, social media is no longer an option because now it is impacting your ability to be found by your potential clients.  Google has started paying more attention to your “social graph” or involvement in social media.  This search engine giant wants to know if you are an expert in your field and it will check your credibility by reviewing your website and looking at how many sites link to yours.  However, that’s not all Google is taking into consideration. Google also wants to know how many people are talking about you and that is where social media comes into play.

Search engines are still the biggest source of online traffic and your involvement in social media plays a huge role in your exposure. To rank well on search engine results, such as getting on page one of Google, you need to have some social media presence.  Search engines identify experts by their interactions with real people. Shahar went as far as saying, “if you do not use any social media in your company, you will see bad results in the next two years for your company.”

Social media can be overwhelming and very time consuming, but the benefits are well worth it.  To learn more about the tips provided by Shahar Boyayan of BuzzBooster, read the other articles in our series:

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