Attorney Internet Marketing Tip #2: How to Automate Social Media

In the article, Attorney Internet Marketing Tip #1: Social Media is No Longer an Option, the importance of social media was discussed, which included advice from Shahar Boyayan of BuzzBooster.  According to Shahar, social media is not something that is optional, unless you no longer want to be found online.  Social media will help your potential clients find you and will ultimately lead to more cases.

During the April 2010 coaching call, Ben Glass interviewed Shahar, who provided insight into social media and its impact on lawyer marketing.

The thought of sending daily tweets on Twitter or being active on Facebook might sound time consuming and truth be told – it is.  That is why you need to automate your social media.  You need to approach social media from a business perspective.  For example, you must determine how you are going to automate everything, so you can do the least amount of work with your social networking campaign.

According to Shahar, the reason that 90 percent of businesses that use social media don’t make money from their efforts is because they spend too much time socializing.  You have to be strategic with social networking, as it can quickly steal your time and you may end up with little to show for it.

Shahar explained during the coaching call how she automates social media.  She has an assistant who is responsible for creating four tweets every single day for the company.   Basically, her assistant takes articles that have been written by Shahar and her daughter (who is the co-founder of BuzzBooster) and creates phrases that are about 140 characters in length.  She then automates these phrases by sending them out to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and all the other social media sites.  Ninety-eight percent of the messages that are sent out are educating the audience, while only 2 percent are “salesy.”

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