For all of the positives that result from engaging in a legal web marketing strategy, there are negatives that can come from the Internet as well. Unfortunately for small and medium sized businesses like law firms, anonymous individuals can go online and leave negative reviews or write negative content without fear of any repercussion. While honest feedback is vital to the success of any business, sometimes the review or content that are posted are false or misleading. The end result can damage the reputation of the law firm or attorney, lead potential clients away from the firm, or cause the firm to lose the goodwill that it has earned within the community.

For lawyers who wish to maintain a reputation for quality service, expert knowledge, and compassion, retaliating harshly against negative online content may do more harm than good. Fortunately, there is another strategy that helps minimize the damage caused by a bad review or posting. Law firms can engage in a dilution campaign to reduce the amount of exposure that the content has. How is this accomplished?

  1. Analyze the content to determine what key words were used, if any, which make the content appear at the top of a Google search.
  2. If Google key words were used, utilize those same words and create new content, such as library articles, blog postings, and news articles.
  3. Determine whether the negative review stands out significantly amongst other, more positive reviews.
  4. Contact former clients and colleagues and ask that they post honest reviews of your work.

By taking these actions, the attorney can lessen the impact of the negative content on their legal online marketing campaign. The negative content will hopefully be overshadowed by positive reviews or other content that uses the same key words.

Online attorney marketing strategies are very important to building a successful law practice. However, it is essential that lawyers protect their investment in attorney web marketing. For more information, contact the experts at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office at 703-591-9829 for more information.

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