Attorney Marketing: Why You Need a Blog Even if You Have a Website

In today’s internet-savvy society, every effective lawyer marketing plan includes a website with relevant, appealing content. The attorney website, however, should not be the only internet marketing tool in the lawyer’s arsenal. Blogs are an excellent additional opportunity to further boost the success of the overall marketing strategy. The following are ten reasons to consider using an attorney blog:

  1. There are many resources available for getting a blog up and running, and some are even free.
  2. Blogs can help a law firm dominate the first page of Google if they are properly written using search engine optimization techniques.
  3. Blogs can feed traffic to a law firm’s main website.
  4. Adding content to a blog is easy and efficient, because most blogs have their own content management system already built in.
  5. Law firms can set up separate blogs for every practice area the firm covers, further increasing the firm’s web presence.
  6. Blogs can easily link directly to other parts of the law firm website.
  7. Blogs are easily updated, and therefore perform well on search engines due to the fact that they reward fresh content.
  8. Many blogs allow for readers to leave comments. This is an excellent, easy way to obtain feedback directly from the crowd that the firm is trying to attract. It also encourages interaction between the attorney and the potential client.
  9. Blogs can be set up so that content is organized into categories, making it easier for potential readers to find.
  10. A blog can have a personalized URL to make it easily accessible.

Utilizing a blog in addition to a robust main website is an effective attorney marketing strategy that can increase the online presence of a law firm. For more information and assistance in setting up a blog, contact the experts at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form, or call our office at 703-591-9829 for more information.

Ben Glass
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