Writing Powerful Text in Your Attorney Marketing

The written word is a power tool in any attorney web marketing campaign. It is essential that online advertisements and other materials be written in a manner that maximizes the odds that a reader will reach out and contact the attorney. How can a law firm write powerful legal advertising text? The following is an overview.

  • Figure out what phrases the law firm’s target potential client is likely to type into a Google search. Incorporate these phrases into the text of the website, news article, blog post, or advertisement.
  • Usually, it is a specific question or questions that drove an individual to conduct a Google search. Not only are the search words that were used going to reflect those questions, the legal online marketing materials must also address those questions.
  • The potential client conducting an online search has a legal need, and the search words are going to reflect those needs as well. Additionally, the web marketing materials must address that need and explain where the potential client can find more information.
  • Competition is fierce, both online and in person. Therefore, the content and words that are used must be creative, enticing, and unique.
  • Spend time considering what sets the law firm apart from the other lawyers in the area. Highlight those traits in the law firm marketing materials.
  • Once the lawyer has obtained the attention of the individual conducting the online search, the content must end with a call to action. Avoid the most typical and overused calls to action, and instead try to incorporate something more enticing.
  • Continuously monitor advertisements by reviewing conversion rates and click through rates regularly to figure out which ads perform better than others. Modify advertisement text to reflect the more successful ads.

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