How to nurture your law firm followers.In our last article, we discussed the importance of building a tribe: a community of people who know your law office and will recommend you to friends and family when someone is looking for legal help. You build your tribe by creating a database of contacts that you collect through your website, your social networking, and your work in the community. But how do your nurture your tribe and make sure that they continue to think the world of you?

  • Know how much communication is enough. When it comes to touching base with your tribe, you have to hit the sweet spot between too much and not enough. If you don’t communicate enough, they might forget you. If you communicate too much, they may either get annoyed or ask to be taken off of your list.
  • Always answer correspondence. It might be tempting to ignore an email or phone call when you know someone isn’t going to translate directly into a client. But it’s important to remember to keep tribe members happy and well treated. The next time a friend needs a lawyer, member of your tribe will remember that you called them back and spent a few minutes talking with them.
  • Keep up on your social media. Social media is an ideal place to keep in contact with your tribe because you can post updates and keep in touch without fearing that you are filling their email boxes or taking too much of their time. Try to post consistently.
  • Don’t forget your free offers. Free offers aren’t just for collecting new contacts; they are also great for keeping people you are already in contact with impressed and happy. When you write a new guide or start a new offer, make sure they are the first to know about it.

Sometimes marketing focuses too much on getting new contacts or securing the perfect person that needs your help right now. But there’s something important to be said about building a community of people who know your law office and know your name. Make sure this community is well nurtured and well informed!

Ben Glass
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