How to Get Personal Injury Clients

As a personal injury lawyer, your goal should not only be to get personal injury clients but to get the right personal injury clients. You want your legal marketing campaign to attract the type of clients you want to represent and the cases that can give you the freedom to live the lifestyle you desire.

Sounds good, right? Is it possible? Yes, you can get the personal injury clients you want by following a two-prong approach to small law firm marketing.

First, you need to create the advertisement and website content necessary to attract potential clients. In order to do this, you need to understand what your potential clients are looking for from your advertising. Primarily, clients want their questions answered by someone with the authority and expertise to provide accurate and reliable information. This information must be presented in an interesting way that is designed to keep the visitor's attention and encourage the visitor to take the next step and contact you.

Next, you need to follow up with those clients and convert them from prospective clients to actual clients. Once you get a potential client to contact you, then you need to get started with the second part of your attorney marketing plan. Specifically, you need to be persistent and conduct recurring follow-up activities. For example, you may reach out and offer one of your free books or CDs. You may send a package of information in the mail. You may call the person or send an email. You may add the person to your newsletter distribution list. The specific actions you take are up to you, but your overall goal should be to provide consistent, valuable information to the potential client so you remain on that person's radar.

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Ben Glass
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