Attorney Marketing: Transparency, Expectations, and Success

Once potential clients are brought through the doors of a law firm due to the success of a legal marketing campaign, the challenge becomes keeping those clients happy. Happy clients translate to repeat business, positive reviews, and potential referrals. Providing excellent service and achieving successful results are two ways to satisfy clients. Unfortunately, many attorneys fail in other aspects of client management. The following is an overview of two such areas.


A frequent complaint made about lawyers is the failure to receive regular updates on the status of cases and a lack of understanding as to how the overall process works. In order to keep clients happy, attorneys should incorporate a policy of transparency and reference this policy in their law firm advertising materials. Key aspects of transparency include the following:

  • Update clients regularly about the status of their case, even if very little activity has taken place.
  • Provide clients with full access to their file upon request. Some law firms adopt online systems that allow clients to access these records remotely.
  • Include clients on all communications regarding their case, even those that seem unimportant.

By maintaining this policy, clients feel more comfortable that the attorney is working diligently on their legal matter, even when little action is occurring.


Managing client expectations is essential to ensuring that the firm has a happy, satisfied client base. When expectations are clear and set up front, the likelihood of a client becoming upset or feeling neglected is greatly diminished. Unfortunately, many lawyers become intimidated by this process, when in reality it is relatively simple. In order to effectively manage client expectations, the lawyer should:

  • Explain the legal process in detail up front. This allows the client to anticipate next steps and not feel left in the dark.
  • Inform the client of what days and hours the attorney is available for contact, and by what means of communication.
  • Explain to the client that there may be times that the lawyer must work on other legal matters rather than the client’s. Teach the client to understand that work is handled on a priority basis, and when their matter is time sensitive, it will be pushed to the forefront.
  • Introduce the client to the staff members who will be working on their case. Explain the advantages to the client of having support staff handle certain tasks, such as lower fees and time efficiency.

Keeping clients happy is vital to the success of a lawyer marketing plan. For more information on how transparency and expectations are essential to effective attorney marketing, fill out our online form or call our office at 703-591-9829 for more information.

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