How to Find Good Topics for Your Attorney Marketing Blog

You’ve created a legal blog and put up a few posts, but now what? How are you going to find content to update your blog frequently and make it an effective part of your overall attorney marketing campaign? In this article we’ll discuss strategies for finding the type of content that you want so that you can make the most of your law firm blog.

Where to Find Good Ideas for Content

Legal marketing blog ideas can come from many sources and may occur to you when you are in the middle of another project. For that reason, many effective bloggers have an electronic file set aside for links and notes about future blog posts. Many of those links and notes come from sources such as:

  • The news. Get it in the habit of scanning legal and general news headlines daily for good blog material. Of course, you don’t want to simply reiterate the news, but you may want to express your opinion on the news.
  • Your clients. Do you routinely hear the same questions from your clients? If so then you may consider writing a blog post that answers those questions.
  • Your mastermind or brainstorming group. Brainstorming can lead to lots of future ideas for your blog.

Why Good Content is Important

Once you find a good idea, your blog post will come quickly and naturally. If you are not excited about the topic of your post then you should assume that many of your readers will not be interested. Good content that is well-written for non-attorneys is critical to your blog success and to readers becoming new clients.

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.