Attorney Web Marketing-Free Report Reveals the Biggest Errors

Why are Lawyers So Frustrated With Their Internet Marketing?

Lawyers are some of the biggest users of the Internet to market their businesses. From websites to blogs to Linkedin and Facebook profiles they are starting to “get it.”

Yet many are also very frustrated with their return on their Internet investment.

Most don’t get to the first page of Google (the most valuable real estate on the Internet) and even when they do, they don’t convert visitors to clients. (Isn’t that why you built a web site? To get clients? It was cool, at first, to show your friends your whiz-bang site, but now its supposed to get clients, isn’t it?). Some are spending a ton of money with mega law firm directory web sites yet (or worse, with pay per click ads that someone convinced them would get them on the first page of Google) and getting little or no return.

As I scour the legal landscape, it’s amazing to me that 99% of all lawyers make the same mistakes with their websites. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they spend $5,000 or $50,000—they’re making fundamental mistakes that cost them clients and billings. The good news for readers of this report is, these mistakes are easy to avoid (if you know what to look for). That means even if you’re only a one- or twoperson firm, you can compete online with even the biggest law firms – and win.

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Ben Glass
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