Legal Marketing Strategy to Target Client Needs (Part A)

Being "out there" in the business world, I get what I consider "junk mail" quite often. It's mostly offers to get some new success book, or attend this new motivational conference. At first it used to bother me, I mean, this is a product of someone's wasted time creating these graphics-rich emails and fancy print post cards, and I'm not going to really even absorb them.

Then I started looking at some of these pieces of advertisement, and thought that I could learn a thing or two for my legal marketing strategy efforts and client relations. Because, remember; legal marketing lessons are all around us!

Playing With Your Clients' Fears

One particular marketing piece I looked over recently started off with a great line: 

"Hello, Ben. In today's tough economy, businesses must do everything they can

to maintain a razor sharp competitive edge. That's why I would like to invite

you to attend . . ." 

Their marketing strategy was to pique your interest by playing on a common fear in today's market: the economy. They even used some great buzzwords like "tough" and "razor sharp" to add a little punch to their message. But it's right there that this tactic fails: their message. What is the message?

The rest of the content was about the conference, and I suppose that was their goal, getting me to attend whatever seminar they were selling. But they completely missed a golden marketing opportunity when they dropped their target of playing on my (supposed) fear of the state of the economy.

Fear is actually a fairly good marketing strategy when it comes to client relations. Everyone has some sort of fear or worry in their lives that they'd love to get rid of. It may be general like the economy in this case, or it may be something specific like spiders or goldfish. The thing is, people have worries, and they're always looking for a cure for them.

Using Fear in Your Marketing Strategy

The word "fear" may be a little harsh, so we're going to change it to "concerns" for now. Your clients all have one thing in common and that's legal concerns. Obviously they're in need of legal counsel or they wouldn't be looking for an attorney, now would they?

For good client relations, you need to identify their concerns and then develop your marketing strategy to address those concerns. As I said, everyone has some concern in their life that they're looking for a remedy to. You can be the legal remedy to their concerns; all you have to do is convince them through your marketing strategy.

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