Improve the Conversion Rates of Your Landing Pages

Creating landing pages that can be used by web visitors to order free information, schedule an appointment, or otherwise take action is a vital part of any online marketing strategy. We deliver all kinds of information through landing pages at BenGlassLaw. These pages allow consumers to interact with you without having to call you right away, which they may not be prepared for yet.

However, many times landing pages are thrown up on websites with just a form and a little bit of text. While simplicity isn't a bad thing, it may not be what your ideal client responds to when they find your page. You need to add some engaging and trust-building content to the page to compel them to order your free information.

If you aren't aiming to create better landing pages, then you are doing all the hard work of getting yourself found on the internet and then failing at the last second to convert them. It would be the same thing as getting people into your office and regularly failing to get them to sign a fee agreement with your firm because your pitch to them wasn't thought out well enough.

Here's an infographic created by Conversion Scientists that can help you make more effective landing pages:

The Chemistry of a Successful Landing Page
Charley Mann
Charley is the Chief Marketing Officer at Great Legal Marketing and believes in results, Results, RESULTS!