Are You Looking For New Clients? (Part A)

There's a class of lawyers out there that hem and haw about how hard it is to attract new clients, get new cases, expand their business, etc. These are the lawyers who are still thinking of taking out those screaming ads in The Yellow Pages and who think that radio advertising spots are the bees' knees.

Lawyers with this kind of mindset are the ones who fear change. They don't want to keep up with the latest trends in legal marketing. They're content to just sit back and be left in the dust while the rest of us learn new tactics to put ourselves in front of our ideal clients.

The Trick to Attract New Clients is to Look For Them

Successful lawyers know that good legal marketing takes some effort to get off the ground. You have to be proactive to attract new clients, and that means actually taking the time to develop an idea of the kind of client you want to attract. I've already written an article about attracting your ideal client, so I'm going to focus now on what that ideal means to your legal marketing.

In developing the profile of your ideal client you should be determining the places you'd appeal to them most. Are they avid readers of local publications? Do they pass by busy streets with lots of places for billboard and bus stop ads? How do they search for things on the Internet? These are the questions you must ask if you want to know how to attract new clients.

Once you know where to find your ideal clients, you need to know how to appeal to them in these places. If your ideal client is the type that commutes on the metro every day, the typical lawyer may figure a poster ad on the wall at the station is good enough. However, the entrepreneurial lawyer knows that good legal marketing not only advertises where their ideal clients are, but it tailors that advertising to their interests. 

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