Three Reasons Why an Automated Follow Up Campaign REALLY Works

There are many ways to approach lawyer marketing, but as you know, some methods just don’t work.  If you have a solo practice or fairly small law firm, you don’t have the money to waste on an ineffective marketing campaign.  You need to be strategic and put your resources towards the methods that are truly successful.

The marketing answer for many attorneys comes in the form of an automated follow up campaign.  This is a marketing campaign in which you follow up with prospects and clients on a consistent basis.  If you have the right software in place, all of the follow up can occur automatically.  You can read more in our blog entry, Follow Up Consistently & Effectively.

According to Clate Mask and Scott Martineau with Infusionsoft, automated follow up marketing works for many reasons, including:

  1. You are able to build trust.  Choosing a lawyer can be an overwhelming experience for someone.  All the attorney ads often look the same and people don’t know what qualifications to look for in a lawyer.  They also don’t know whom to trust, and let’s face it, lawyers don’t have the best reputations.  When you keep in constant contact with your prospects and clients, you start to create a relationship of trust.  They will feel like they know you and will contact you when the need arises.
  2. You are able to keep your name fresh in your contact's mind.  Isn’t it interesting that you can provide great services to a client, but he or she quickly forgets about you when another legal issue comes up? That is a frustrating problem for many attorneys.  The thing is, your prospects and clients aren’t sitting around thinking about you.  They might even forget your name.  Therefore, you have to stay in front of them.  Your name needs to be fresh on their mind.
  3. You create a sense of loyalty.  There are not many attorneys out there who are following up with prospects and clients.  That makes you unique.  Your contacts will start to view you as someone who truly cares about them and the loyalty will begin to grow.  Your past, current and future clients will feel as though they are a priority to you. 

Follow up marketing does work and is definitely worth the fairly small investment of time and money.

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.