Three Things You Simply Must Get Right in Your Lawyer Marketing Ads

Legal advertisements - whether in the form of radio, television, print, or web ads - are an important aspect of effective lawyer marketing. If the attorney advertisement uses outdated marketing techniques, however, its potential for effectiveness will be compromised. Law firm advertisements are an investment of valuable firm resources and should be done right to reach the maximum number of potential clients.


When preparing a legal advertisement, the following are the three most important aspects to address:


  1. Headline - The headline of the advertisement should utilize something attention grabbing, creative, and interesting. Traditional headlines that are no different than the thousands of other lawyer advertisements potential clients will view should be avoided at all costs.


  1. Offer - The offer presented by the legal advertisement should be irresistible to the viewer. It should focus on providing free information to the potential client. The underlying message of the offer should lead the client to feel that he or she would be foolish to take any additional action without first contacting the lawyer.


  1. Call to Action - The call to action in the lawyer advertisement should be unique, very specific, and cause the potential client to contact the attorney. Merely stating "for a free consultation" is too generic and is already over used by other law firms.


When an attorney advertisement successfully tackles the headline, the offer, and the call to action, the effectiveness of the ad is maximized. An effective ad will increase the following:


  1. Revenue generated for the firm

  2. Number of potential clients who ultimately hire the law firm after reviewing the ad

  3. Number of clients with lucrative legal matters who contact the firm


Lawyer marketing is an investment and, therefore, should be done properly. At a minimum, an attorney advertisement must follow the rules outlined above to be successful. For assistance in creating your legal marketing advertisements, contact the experts at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office at 703-591-9829.

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