Bankruptcy Law Firm Marketing: Meeting Clients Where They Are

The art of effective bankruptcy law firm marketing is a delicate art, indeed. In an ideal world, you want to be able to meet your potential clients “where they are” in their thinking process. You want to educate them to develop the belief that you and your firm are uniquely positioned to deliver the best value to solve their problems.


It’s a relatively straightforward process, on some level. On the other hand, very few bankruptcy lawyers understand the intricacies of good marketing at the level of detail, and fewer still have developed deep capacities to market well.


The tendency to blow one’s own horn

You have certain skills. Your firm has won accolades and awards. You have competencies. You have resources. All this “stuff” gives you certain degree of bragging rights. If you leverage correctly, you can certainly “blow your own horn” in a way that appeals to prospective clients. Unfortunately, many lawyers “blow their own horns” right out of the gate—and they spook away visitors. On your website, for instance, if you begin the conversation by bragging about what a great bankruptcy law firm you have, you will repel a lot of prospects who otherwise might be sympathetic to your pitch. Why? The answer is that it’s not up to you to start the conversation.


You need to empathize first. Only then can you discuss how your methods and competencies can help. Imagine trying to talk to a two-year-old in the middle of a wild tantrum and trying to explain to her why forks are not to be used for gouging the kitchen table. Good luck to you! Unless you get the two-year-old’s attention first—by empathizing with her and showing her that you understand how she is oriented—she is not going to want to listen to you. 


Your bankruptcy clients are in an analogous position. They are scared; they are overwhelmed. They are facing stresses and threats on numerous levels. The last thing they want to hear is a lawyer touting how great he is. First and foremost, you need to empathize. You need to meet the clients where they are: to join the conversations they are currently having with themselves (and perhaps with other people). Your first step is to be gentle, compassionate, and empathetic—to show that you understand your customer's situation perhaps even better than he or she does.


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