If You Build It, They Will Come: Bankruptcy Law Firm Marketing Library

Creating a law firm website is an excellent marketing tool for reaching potential clients and earning their trust and respect through the valuable information that the site provides. Successful bankruptcy attorney marketing websites contain a library section containing free resources that will appeal to potential clients. This content should rely on search engine optimization techniques in order to maximize its exposure to the law firm’s target audience.

What content should be contained in the library section of the legal marketing website?
Library content should provide potential clients with answers to the questions that they are facing. Often, when individuals face a legal dilemma, they will turn to the Internet to perform a search for information. Knowing what questions these potential clients are asking and offering valuable resources containing answers is an excellent way to encourage these individuals to contact the law firm. Examples of materials that should be contained in the library include:
  • Articles
  • Excerpts from statutes or case law relevant to the firm’s specialization area
  • Brochures
  • Law firm newsletters
  • Attorney publications
  • Presentations given by the attorney, reproduced in Adobe PDF form
  • Client briefs outlining past cases in detail
  • Press releases
  • Full-text court opinions

Each of these materials should also be written for search engine optimization. When search engines rank webpages, they utilize crawlers to read text and rank it according to the search engine’s algorithm. These crawlers do not read the text contained in graphics; however, they do read the text contained in any documents available on the law firm’s website. Therefore, the information within the library should contain the keywords that the firm’s potential clients will likely be searching when attempting to find information online.

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