Did you watch TV today? Listen to the radio? Search the Internet? If you did, then you likely saw many advertisements. How many do you remember?

There are likely very few ads that you can remember well enough to know what was being advertised, who was doing the advertising, and how to contact the person or company for more information. Few of us remember ads and follow through on what they tell us to do unless we need the product or service marketed, and we’ve decided it is time to act.

Your bankruptcy marketing goal is to be unforgettable by the people who need you. Below, our legal marketing consultants will give you some ideas about how to accomplish your goals.

How to Make Your Bankruptcy Attorney Marketing Memorable

Most ads are forgotten for one of two reasons. Those reasons, and how you can avoid them, are described below:

  • The ad is irrelevant to the person viewing the ad. You are marketing your services to a small group of people who live in a certain area, who need a bankruptcy lawyer, and who do not already have a bankruptcy lawyer. It is important to advertise in the right places and do so for a period of time so that when a person is ready to contact you, they see your ad.
  • The ad is boring and easily forgotten. Even if someone who needs a bankruptcy lawyer in your area sees your ad, it must answer his questions and prompt him to take action. Many attorney marketing spots actually turn potential clients away by wasting time talking about things clients don’t care about. If your ad is interesting, helpful, and memorable, you can attract the clients you seek.
Ben Glass
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