Target Bankruptcy Lawyer Marketing to Get the Cases You Want

Have you ever talked to one of those bankruptcy lawyers who blames everyone else for the state of their business? It is never their fault. They claim that they can’t compete with other law firms with larger budgets, they can’t compete in this tough economy, and they can’t compete against the large number of bankruptcy lawyers in their city.

They are wrong. It is often their lack of focused bankruptcy lawyer marketing that keeps them from getting the clients that they want. Below are some common reasons why bankruptcy lawyers don’t identify and focus in on their ideal client and some ways that you can overcome these problems.

Why Bankruptcy Lawyers Don’t Identify a Target Client – And How You Can

Some bankruptcy lawyers:

  • Don’t take the time and make the effort to identify their ideal client. Without a clear understanding of the type of clients that you want, you may end up taking a lot of clients and cases that you don’t want. It is worth spending a little time to identify who you would represent if you could choose (and you can!) which clients call your firm.
  • Don’t communicate their vision of the perfect client to your staff. They have no idea what they should be listening for you when a perspective client calls and asks for a free consultation. Tell your staff about the clients that you want to represent so that they can help you screen calls.
  • Believe that they have to represent everyone. That is simply not true. While admission to the bar may allow a lawyer to represent anyone it does not require lawyers to be everything to everyone. Instead, focus on the type of cases that you want to take.
  • Fear that they won’t be able to make a living. Some lawyers worry that they won’t ever make a good living if they don’t diversify their practice. Again, this is simply not true. You can make a great living – and enjoy making that living – by focusing on the type of cases that you want.

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