Why Not Listening to the TV Reps is a Good Lawyer Marketing Idea

Excerpts with a Great Legal Marketing Mastermind Member who is a bankrupty attorney

Well, that's - that's really cool because someone right out of law school basically in a year and a half from opening the doors going to the top filer so I'm real curious now as to what were you doing differently? 'Cause you certainly were not the first Mastermind Member on the block. What do you think you were doing differently back in the mid-90s?

Mastermind Member: There was a guy in the area and he's the one that handled my bankruptcy and he was the guy back then. To this day when the news media, which is something I need to change and I'm working to do that now, but the news media when they need a quote they still go to him and he hasn't filed any cases since the law has changed back in '05 but he was the guy back then and it was mostly Yellow Pages and - and a little bit of TV. So we put together even back then TV and radio spots that really went to the emotions of the prospect. Now it makes sense when I learned your materials and I got involved in this was that the materials we were using even back then entered the conversation they were already having in their mind and it was, you know, really going to the core feelings of, "Am I gonna lose property? What am I gonna do if I can't feed my family?" Things like that and we put examples on there of how we could help them, you know, if they had $10,000.00 in back taxes you could repay that for as little as $19.00 per week and things like that that we put into the ads themselves and it generated a big response and since that time, we always had a 24-hour recorded hotline. We would average about 400 to 600 people a week calling that 24-hour hotline and we were spending probably about $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 a week on television and radio and my formula has always been about two thirds in TV and a third on radio and we have a pretty distinct way - the way we don't ever listen to the TV station reps in how we should place the ads. We kind of do it our own way and ratings points don't mean a lot to me but, you know, we were generating that amount of calls every week and out of that, you know, we sent them to the 24-hour hotline to kind of weed out the people that don't want bankruptcy. From that, we've always had historically about 18 to 20 percent of those people will actually make an appointment. So we were, you know, within six months of opening the door, we're looking at 80 to 100 appointments a week and it only took about six months actually before we were filing more cases than the big guy back then.

Mr. Glass: Well let me ask you this. How did you - 'cause those were a lot of fairly advanced techniques certainly for lawyers to do - in essence a direct response TV, driving them to a hotline to both sell them the right ones but also ward away the ones who weren't really appropriate for your practice or appropriate for bankruptcy. How did you even know to do that back in the 90s? You were right out of law school and off the - the assembly line at GM.

Mastermind Member: Well, I just think, you know, that it was a matter of what I wanted when I went through that process myself and what concerns that I have as a consumer going through that with this other attorney that truthfully, when I look back on it in hindsight, I don't have a clue what he did for me or what he said he could do for me. All I knew is that I needed to get the debt taken care of but the process and really the bottom line of what a bankruptcy filing would do for me wasn't explained so I thought we need to craft a message out there to speak to that and - in the average consumer and let them know that, you know, we can save your home. If you're standing and you're late for work because you can't leave the house because the repo guy's driving up and down the street, there's help for you. We really started to put together messages that would appeal to those people because that's an every day problem and now I mean it's proven to be an every day problem no matter what income bracket some people are in. I've had people that you know make a couple thousand dollars a month and I've had people make $10,000.00, $20,000.00 a month that are in the same situation.

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