4 Steps To Start Bringing More Money Into Your Bankruptcy Firm Immediately

OK, so I now have a bunch of new clients and this has created a

huge mess for my staff? What do I do?


Under the new bankruptcy law, there is simply too much information that we need to

have before we can file someone's case. You have to gather documents, get a credit counseling done, fill out paperwork and more. One thing I learned a long time ago was the more roadblocks you put in front of someone, the less likely it is they will follow through. Getting someone to pay you part of your retainer and open their file is just the beginning. Once faced with the burden of providing the required information, many prospects will drop out.


The GLM Consumer Bankruptcy Marketing and Practice Coaching

Program shows you how take that burden off of them and make the process less intimidating. I will also show you a simple technique that will help dramatically increase your show up rate at their second visit, something so easy, you will wish you would have thought of it a long time ago.


I know some of you are probably thinking this all sounds good but I am so busy already

as it is with so many things going on and you know how it is to run your practice, I want you to tell me honestly how easy this is to implement? Because it sounds great but if it's not easy to implement I'm not going to implement it, right?


That's exactly why it took me so long to create this Program. I've been thinking about

this Program for a couple of years now, but I wanted to make sure that I created something that was really, really easy for people to implement. I did not want to create something that was just going to sit in the corner and not get used because I have this thing about providing value, which is part of why I had to develop this Program.


Under the GLM Consumer Bankruptcy Marketing and Practice Coaching

Program, there are only four things that you'll need to do to start bringing more money into your office immediately.


First, you'll make specific changes to your marketing message and I'll give you the exact templates to follow.


Second, you'll make specific small and I emphasize small, changes to your office and you're not going to upset your staff by doing these things, don't worry about that.


Third, your prospective clients are going to receive a package that will change their view of bankruptcy lawyers and their need to shop around among lawyers. People request the package thinking they need to shop, they're going to contact your office for an appointment realizing not only do they not need to shop, but they need to work with you and will have already said yes.


The best part and the easiest part of this is that your client will then look at you and ask why wouldn't they go forward. And you will be thrilled to tell them that you can't think of a single reason why. Finally, the fourth thing is you make a very small change in the way you set their second appointment to ensure the greatest percentage of people are coming back and actually getting their cases filed.


Once you put in play these simple processes, you won't feel as if you're selling anything

at all. You will be helping people make the very best decision for their family with clarity and confidence and you'll naturally increase your income while at the same time engaging more clients, which will allow you to work less. I've put the whole thing together for you in the GLM Consumer Bankruptcy Marketing and Practice Coaching Program. All you have to do is learn the secrets that I'm going to teach you and you will be on your way to building the practice you dream of.

Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.