Make Your Marketing Personal

There are almost countless lawyers in the world, especially in big cities and in regions that draws a lot of people. It’s hard to stay competitive with multiple firms practicing the same areas as your law firm, but that little extra bit of work can set you apart and set you up for success.

One of the most important aspects of staying on top is making sure that your advertising accurately represents your law firm, and make sure that it’s reflecting the positive qualities you demonstrate. This can be accomplished by showcasing the actual people involved, and not just a big—or small—law firm. It’s about the people.

Many young lawyers who find themselves in a position of influence are so set on making their mark in the courtroom that they look over how important it is to make their mark in legal advertising first. How can they prove their worth in battle when there’s no case to be had? One mistake these new lawyers make is turning over the reigns of their law firm advertising to a marketing company—and giving up any personal investment into the process.Your law firm's brand shouldn't be stale. Discover how you can make your marketing stand out.

This lack of personality in the marketing could really take its toll on the company, by making it become just as faceless as the marketing company they hired. Mad Men might be a great show, but there’s no Don Draper to take your community law firm and make it a major national player over night. That’s not how the business works.

Marketing companies who run the entire law firm marketing campaign don’t always represent the firm the way they should. The marketing company probably has great ideas for marketing ideas, but if you want to grow as a more successful community law firm, you need to market yourself as a person. That’s something not all marketing takes into account. Lawyers are working against the disadvantage of already being mistrusted by the general public. Whether that’s fair or not, it’s an uphill battle. And that battle can be won by showcasing the real people that will be involved in the potential client’s case.

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