The Difference between an Average Lawyer and An Entrepreneur (Part B)

What Makes an Entrepreneur?

Mindset is largely what distinguishes the average lawyer and their law firm from the extraordinary entrepreneur and their law firm
. An average lawyer will look to their other average lawyer colleagues or competitors and see what they're doing in terms of attorney marketing. If they're still doing it, it must work, right? So they take out a similar Yellow Pages ad, send a similar postcard flyer and take out radio ad space on the same station, and so on.

The extraordinary entrepreneur will look at the nearby law firm and say "if they can be successful, I need to be different so I can be even more successful!" This is the method of thinking you need to subscribe to, because if you only mirror those who are at one level, how are you ever going to surpass them?

Think One Step Ahead

Entrepreneurs are marked as such because they have the ability to see beyond the present and plan for the future. They may not have a use for that particular idea when they get it, but they'll file it away for future reference. What may not work for their law firm today may work for it in the future. An entrepreneur won't say "that won't work for my law firm," because that thought never crosses their mind. All ideas they glean from other successful sources can be processed, stripped down, examined, and somehow benefit their own law firm through a well thought out attorney marketing plan.

I consider myself to be an entrepreneur of attorney marketing, and I'll tell you that some of the best strategies and ideas I've learned were from non-lawyers. Look beyond your profession. An entrepreneur can be found in any job, and they're usually the ones making a name for themselves. You don't need a fancy line of diplomas on your wall to be a successful businessman, you just need an open mind, an eagerness to learn, and the guts to try something different.

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