Become a Legal Marketing Rock Star (Part B)

Remember Your Clients Fuel Your Business

I've seen a lot of lawyers get confused at my Great Legal Marketing seminars when I refer to clients as their "herd of raving fans". They think I'm insulting clients by comparing them to livestock and concert-goers. The herd analogy is basically saying you need to keep what's precious to you (your clients) close - sounds a lot nicer that way, doesn't it? As for the "raving fans" part, well, here's your answer.

No rock star ever became famous without the support of their fans. Fans aren't just unique to musicians and celebrities, even everyday businesses such as a law firm can have fans without even realizing it. You are a fan of many things yourself if you're among the millions of consumers who have specific brands or stores they favor above others.

That's the goal with Great Legal Marketing - create a legion of fans to drive your business. Your lawyer advertising should support creating new client fans and keeping connected with those you already have. 

Make Sure It All Serves a Purpose

Lawyer advertising without a point is just a waste of resources. If you're not busy hooking your new fans or keeping your current clients in the loop, why should you be running that form of legal marketing? Rock stars do it too; they release albums and then go on tour so their fans will purchase the new album and any accompanying merchandise. All the individual pieces work together to drive sales. If the album isn't selling and no one is buying tickets to the tour, the band starts a new project and tries again from another angle.

Rock stars are also conscious about giving back to their communities. If they have a cause they're close to, they'll make sure their next concert somehow benefits that agenda. You need to look at your lawyer advertising this way too. If you know of a current event that's related to your practice, or a community event you can get involved with, see how your firm can get involved.

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