Think about what makes you buy a product or use a service. What's one of the best marketing tools out there? Celebrities. You and pretty much everyone you know has a favorite celebrity. You follow what they do, where they go, and what they support. When a great athlete endorses a particular sneaker, we buy it. Simple as that.

The point is, celebrities somehow give anything they market an extra boost in popularity. I know what you're thinking-But Ben, not everyone can afford celebrity endorsement, and my state may not even allow it! You don't need to go tracking down Brad Pitt's phone number to ask him to appear in your next video. YOU need to become the celebrity.

Why would I want to become a celebrity, I have a law practice to run!

We're not expecting to see you on the next season of Dancing With The Stars. But think about what a celebrity is - someone that everyone knows, reveres, and follows. You need a good action star; think of Jet Li and Vin Diesel...You need an attractive female lead; Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie...You need an excellent lawyer...?

Part of being a celebrity means everybody knows your name and you have a status
. Whether it's the King of Pop or The Material Girl, your name becomes synonymous with your brand, whether it's a music genre, a certain acting role, or a legal practice area. Wouldn't you want your name to be the first thing that pops into clients' minds when they're asked about the best lawyer they know?

But I can't sing or act, how do I become a celebrity?

The reason celebrities are who they are isn't always because they were born with talent. Recently, a lot of Internet celebrities have been popping up, just because they make a big enough splash in the media. You also hear about so-called "local celebrities." Usually, this is the rich guy in town who's always giving money to sponsor festivals and charity events, or the head chef at the local pizzeria who's working on the Guinness Record for the world's largest meatball.

So what should your hook be? You want to become the guru of all things legal. Even if it's not your practice area, you want to be the first name that pops into your community's collective mind when someone mentions "lawyer." You are the expert in your fields of practice, and the guy or gal they ask for advice on where to find other experts outside your fields.

How do you go about creating your new celebrity status? Keep reading for my 5 things every good legal guru (the celebrity version of a lawyer) needs to make their mark.

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