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Mark Grimm: Hello and welcome to America's Premier Experts. I'm your host Mark Grimm.

America's Premier Experts brings together the best and the brightest in the world to help you grow your business. And with us today is Ben Glass, a seasoned attorney who is helping other attorneys to market themselves with a special niche.

Ben Glass: That's right, Mark. That's right.

Mark Grimm: Because there's an awful lot of attorneys out there and the question is how do they distinguish themselves in the marketplace and you're right on that.

Ben Glass: Well Mark, there's over a million lawyers in the country.

Mark Grimm: Oh, that's a lot.

Ben Glass: Most of them are pretty frustrated with their marketing. It's a highly competitive industry. There are a lot of ways to waste your money -- Yellow Pages, TV, radio, websites, if you don't know what you're doing. And on top of all that, the Ethics Committees are always telling you, "You can't do that."

Mark Grimm: "You can't say this. You can't say that." So you really need guidance or else you're just a flying blind.

Ben Glass: Well not only that, but you're running ads that everybody else is running and hoping that by sheer luck, potential customer or client picks you.

Mark Grimm: Following the pack. And you have a different approach.

Ben Glass: That's right. An approach I developed in my practice and several years ago developed into a second company. So now I teach lawyers across the United States and Canada how to really set themselves apart from the pack without using fistfuls of cash and gory accident scenes or talking frogs of all things in the ads.

Mark Grimm: And it's called ‘Great Legal Marketing Consulting.' And what you really do is give them some direction -- direction that they need. What kind of direction?

Ben Glass: Well, the first thing that we teach lawyers is to look around at other -- what other successful entrepreneurs are doing, Mark, and say to themselves "We will find somebody running a bagel shop or hair salon or something" and their successor would say, "What are they doing that I might import into my business?" because most lawyers would say, "Oh I could never do that. I'm a lawyer." We say, "How could I use that in my business?"

And so when you find things that other successful people are doing and they're doing it in common, well that might be a good idea and it might be something to try. So we try it and we test it. We're running really a giant lab now in the United States, testing new ways of helping lawyers to establish themselves as the wise men and women at the top of the mountain.

Mark Grimm: And Ben, you have a thriving personal injury law practice yourself. So you're not just giving advice to some other lawyers as "the expert." You're actually in the field as a practitioner everyday, so you know you're very much in tuned to the changes.

Ben Glass: That's right. I'm meeting clients. I'm doing depositions, trying cases to juries.

Mark Grimm: You understand their frustrations with all their workload, but you also know how to get it done.

Ben Glass: It's the frustration I had for years and years until I figured this out.

Mark Grimm: Yeah.

Ben Glass: That's right.

Mark Grimm: And what kind of responses are you getting?

Ben Glass: Well first, I built my practice into a terrific practice that's an asset for me. Now, in the great legal marketing side, we really do have lawyers across United States and Canada. We've got a huge massive mind group of lawyers who pay us up to $18,000 a year to be in our program.

Mark Grimm: Let's talk about that masterminds, because I know a little bit about it. It's pretty fascinating. Explain what that is.

Ben Glass: Well first, a mastermind concept is getting people of like mind together who are willing to share at a deep level and not be afraid of -- well Mark, you're a lawyer and you're in my area. I'm not going to tell you my secret. We really share a lot because we have an abundance mentality and we test. So if you test something and it works, you share that. If you test something and it doesn't work, you share that as well.

Mark Grimm: You just saved me some money.

Ben Glass: Exactly. We don't need to reinvent the wheel. We just need to apply a lot of time-honored concepts to the legal industry. It's only been for the last 30 years or so that lawyers are even allowed to advertise in markets. So it is still a whole new world.

Mark Grimm: And Ben, instead of following the pack, you say, "Let's find your niche." How does a lawyer know what niche to follow?

Ben Glass: Well, I think a lawyer first of all has to give himself permission mentally to develop the practice that he or she wants to build and that's not something they teach you in law school. In law school, it's service and slavery, work 80 hours a week forever. So once you give yourself permission, Mark, what kind of practice would you like to build? Now, what is interesting to you? Do you want to do divorce cases? Do you want to do personal injury? I work not only with personal injury lawyers, but with the DUI lawyers, family lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, to help them build a practice, and it is very cool because the people I work with are good people. They're good lawyers. They're not the lawyers who people look at and go -- well, the media says, "Oh well, he's a personal injury lawyer and he's soaking all the money out of the economy." I work with really good people -- they have families, they have businesses, they employ a lot of people.

Mark Grimm: And lawyers can be a tremendous help because there is a perception in many quarters that they're looking to run up the legal bills. But for folks that have had lawyers and have really helped them and really is changing life in a pretty substantial way. And then there's been more, it's just been awful. I mean, it's a matter of really -- distinguish yourself in the marketplace in terms of trust and special niche.


Ben Glass: And one of the things we do that the Bar doesn't do, that law school doesn't do is we teach the public how to find good lawyers. You really don't see that taught anywhere else. So we teach our lawyers how to teach their potential clients how to find good lawyers because as you know, Mark, there are plenty -- most of the lawyers are good people. Yes, every once in a while, somebody makes the news because they've done something bad, that happens in any profession.

Mark Grimm: You're right because people say -- and they're looking for a lawyer and usually it's "Oops, I need a lawyer for something," and says, "Do you know somebody?" "Well, my brother-in-law has gotten a lawyer," --

Ben Glass: That's right.

Mark Grimm: -- or something like that, and really, there's a better way of doing it and you know what it is.

Ben Glass: Not only know what it is, but when I teach you how to teach your clients how to buy, how to shop for a lawyer, now that's going to make your practice a more profitable, fun practice for you, because you're going to teach what we call ‘your perfect client' how to find you.

Mark Grimm: Uh-hmm. You know a lot about management in part because you have seven kids, Ben.

Ben Glass: That's right.

Mark Grimm: That's a management job I've ever saw. Why so many kids? Because it used to be years ago, there were a lot of -- we don't see that anymore and it's really wonderful.

Ben Glass: Well, we do have a big family. We're very blessed. Actually, we've adopted two children from China. We're going back next year to adopt two more. The good part about all that is almost every single night, Mark, we're sitting down for dinner unless we're on a lacrosse field or a soccer field or something like that -- and my wife and I, we value that highly. And so what I'm doing is building a business that serves that, that serves family life balanced. And now I'm teaching lawyers across the United States how to do that because they didn't believe that was possible because believe it or not, Mark, in law school, they teach the opposite of that.

Mark Grimm: And we can say, "Well, this guy is so busy, how does he have the time for family life?" In fact, you have three businesses that you run, Ben.

Ben Glass: That's right.

Mark Grimm: And not just your law of practice and yet you're saying, "Yeah, this can be done and it also could be done in a family-friendly way."

Ben Glass: Absolutely. And one of the most important things that we teach lawyers to do and other small business owners because I do this on a local level is how to really aggressively manage your time. We protect our valuables, but we let people reach their hands into our pockets and steal our time all the time. Well, we teach you how to build a shield and really to be very, very aggressive about guarding time. And once you appreciate the value of your time, then everything else can work, absolutely. I mean, I am a living proof of it, but not only me, but I've got friends now across the country in our mastermind and our coaching groups who are living lives of significance, who are being icons in their community, who are being heroes to their family, and running a law practice. And we've got testimonials, people that come to our live events, people that are sending me letters saying I've changed their lives and that's cool.

Mark Grimm: Let me ask you. What's the best thing you've heard from someone that you've helped -- a client?

Ben Glass: Interestingly, I have one attorney in New York who told me that from a health perspective, that I had enabled him to take the stress out of his practice, make more money. He lost 60 pounds. Now, that's unusual but --

Mark Grimm: Less weight and more money. That's a good combination.

Ben Glass: That's right. I certainly have plenty of other stories of people who are -- it's not all about the money but when you have a practice and you make money, you can help your clients better because the lawyer who's worried about turning on the lights next Monday, isn't able to be most effective for his clients. So we're really rolling the whole package up and it's something that's very neat and I'm honored to be a part of this journey.

Mark Grimm: How does someone contact you, Ben?

Ben Glass: Lawyers can go to and on that site, they can sign up and we'll send them a free report and a CD that'll let them know a little bit more about what we're doing, show them the various programs that we offer, and if they're interested in building a more successful practice, being a hero to their family, they can get in contact with us and there's information there to take the next step.

Mark Grimm: Great story and a great family man. Thanks Ben.

Ben Glass: Thanks Mark.

Mark Grimm: Ben Glass, our guest today on America's Premier Experts.


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