Best Marketing for Lawyers Means Not Overselling Yourself

You are an excellent lawyer. We know that you have a lot to offer potential clients. We understand that there is a lot about your credentials and your practice that you are proud of and that you want to share.

The best marketing for lawyers, however, is not about your qualifications. We don’t want you to oversell your practice and we certainly don’t want you to plead for clients. Instead, we want you to develop a comprehensive and effective attorney marketing plan that is designed to achieve your goal of getting the right clients to call your law firm.

Your Website Content Shouldn’t Be All about You

While it is okay to have a biography about you and the other professionals in your firm on your website, the majority of your written content and video should not be about you. Instead, the content should focus on answering the questions of potential clients. 

The answers to those questions may include a little about you and a lot about how you can help your clients. For example, clients might want to know if you will be sympathetic to their problems or if you have something unique to offer clients that other attorneys do not offer.

Best Marketing for Lawyers May Change Your Life

A lot of typical law firm marketing content centers around the attorney rather than the client. Our legal marketing consultants believe that this is the wrong approach and that you may succeed by focusing on your potential client rather than yourself.

This change in mindset may help you achieve your legal marketing goals, get the clients that you want, and lead the life that you anticipated or dreamed of when you entered law school.

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.