How Creating Best Marketing for Lawyers is Like Creating the Best Dish in the Kitchen

Creating best marketing for lawyers s not unlike chefs preparing the best food for diners. A comparison of the options facing chefs and attorney marketers may help you make important decisions about your legal marketing plan.

The Cooking Legal Marketing Analogy

Imagine that you had a room full of people seeking to make the same dish. In order to put the dish on the table, the person in charge has four options:

  • Little effort may be put into the dish, making it inedible.
  • Efforts may be made to make the dish according to the recipe making it edible but unoriginal.
  • The cook may improvise and, with an understanding of good cooking principles, take calculated risks to make his or her dish stand out.
  • The cook may recognize his or own limitations and hire a professional to make the dish.

The same four options exist for an attorney seeking to create a website. Consider, for example, the lawyer who:

  • Puts little effort into his or her website. That website is unlikely to result in many potential clients contacting the firm.
  • Creates a website that looks like everyone else’s website. Again, this type of website is unlikely to result in new clients.
  • Has a good understanding of legal marketing keywords, how search engines work, and how to attract the attention of potential clients. This lawyer brings his or own personality to the website while using solid law firm marketing techniques and is able to attract new clients to the law firm.
  • Hires legal marketing consultants to create a dynamic website and legal marketing campaign. This attorney will also succeed because he or she knew when to ask for help to create a dynamic and successful small law firm website.

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