Best Marketing for Lawyers: 5 Sources for a Fabulous Newsletter

It is easy to see how a newsletter can be an integral part of a law firm marketing plan. Best marketing for lawyers consists of ideas that establish an attorney as the person to call, keeps an attorney’s name in the minds of potential clients, and talks directly to the client the attorney wants to attract. A newsletter can do all that, and you have decided that it would be a wise use of law firm marketing dollars for your firm. Now what? How do you find ideas to share in your newsletter so that you have something to put in the mail that furthers your attorney marketing goals?

5 Sources for Law Firm Newsletter Ideas

The following sources may help you get started with finding the ideas you need to create your newsletter:

  • Your own blog. Think about the topics on your blog and whether any can be modified to be added to your newsletter.
  • Interesting articles or cases that you’ve read.
  • Your calendar. Look back at what you’ve done recently. Did you finish that triathlon? Did you raise money for brain injury victims? Did you help low-income seniors with their taxes? Did your child’s little league team win the state championship? Did your baby take her first steps?
  • Your employees. You might interview an employee and share the interview in the newsletter. Additionally, employees may have good ideas about what to add to the newsletter.
  • Your camera. Try and add some pictures to your newsletter layout.

Best Marketing for Lawyers Doesn’t End with Newsletters

The sources described above may help you develop a great newsletter, but your legal marketing does not end there. To learn more great legal marketing ideas, please read a FREE chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book and call a legal marketing consultant at 703.591.9829.

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