Here is our "Best Personal Injury Law Firm in Virginia Ad"

Attorney Advertising Ethics

Here was an ad that we ran in a newspaper here in Virginia.

As you can see, the ad says "Legally, We Can't Say that We Are The Best Law Firm in Virginia, no One Can, But, Before you Talk to The Adjuster, Hire an Attornney or Sign Any forms, Get Our Free Book.

The Virginia State Bar took issue with the ad, claiming that the font size of the words "Legally We Can't Say" and "No One Can" was too small. In other words, they argued that a normal everyday person seeing this ad in Virginia would possibly be deceived into thinking that we were proclaiming that we were the best personal injuy law firm in Virginia.

What do you think?

Here's what we call our "Best Personal Injury Law Firm in Virginia" ad:

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