Never Trust Marketers Who Say “You Should Have Bought More”

The average lawyer is too busy with his practice to figure out how to effectively market himself—which makes him ripe to be preyed on by “professional marketers” whose only solution is to throw money at the problem. These people may seem like they're there to help, but their only goal is to part you from your money. At Great Legal Marketing, we know that money does not solve all problems. Only an intelligent approach can resolve your marketing conundrum.

Who Are the “Marketing Vultures?”

They don't like being described this way, but “marketing vultures” are the people who get you to slap your name, and the name of your law firm, on top of some prefabricated marketing campaign, in exchange for a hefty check. The media they use include:

  • Cookie-cutter websites without an iota of creativity
  • Yellow Pages ads that look exactly the same as those purchased by every other lawyer in town
  • Top 100 Lawyers” inserts in magazines and newspapers, which nobody reads
  • Poorly written, mass-produced newsletters that go out under the name of your firm
  • TV commercials and YouTube videos, that don't differentiate you from other lawyers

Don't spend your marketing dollars on advertising that won't work.What happens when you fork over your money, and these promotional efforts fail to yield any results (in the form of actual, paying clients?) Well, these practitioners will usually say “you should have bought more”—a bigger Yellow Pages ad, a more deluxe (but still generic) website, a two-minute rather than 30-second commercial. After all, you can't prove a negative, and it's possible that the responsibility for your failure lies not with these marketing “pros,” but with your own tightly held purse strings.

Want to Escape the Marketing Vultures?

At Great Legal Marketing, we know that the only viable solution to your marketing problem is to invest your brains before you invest your money (though, of course, you'll have to spend some money sooner or later!)

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