How to Boost Your Law Firm’s Blog Readership and Spend Less Time Writing Your Posts

Boost your web ranking with these legal blog tips.It’s that time again: that hour of your day when you sit at your computer, wondering why you should bother writing a blog post for your legal website when you can’t imagine anyone will ever read it. You stare at the blank page, thinking of all the valuable things you could be doing with your time, and eventually turn off the computer and put off the updates until tomorrow.

What many attorneys don’t realize is that blogs have to be both interesting and optimized to enhance their marketing. After all, if you’re bored while writing them, you can be sure your audience will feel the same when reading them.

The truth is, it doesn’t take much to keep your readers feasting on exciting updates. Here are a few hints that can ensure you never have to stare at a blank page again:

  • Scan all of the headlines. Too many attorneys dig into their legal expertise for blog topics, forgetting that the average layman doesn’t share his interests. Read headline news, both local and national, and find a story where a legal opinion may be interesting and valuable. Don’t be afraid to take a stand on a hot-button issue.
  • Why would you click? Your headline isn’t just a summary of the content. It’s a reason a prospective client would read the article. For instance, “Insurance Companies Will Often Deny Claims” is not news to anyone; “Three Ways to Guarantee Your Claim Will Be Denied,” is much more of a draw.
  • Encourage participation. Using social media, you can disseminate your information through your customer network, garnering more readers with “every share.” Allowing readers to comment on your posts will give you influence and credibility, as well as allowing you to see which posts drew the most attention.
  • Keep a file. A little preparation goes a long way in writing blog posts for your law firm. You can use email alerts to send “blog fodder” directly to your inbox every week, or keep a folder on your desktop where you send potential articles or news items to write about.
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