Don’t Be a Slave to Your Email (Part B)

Empty Your Inbox

Most email services have folder and archiving options, meaning you can organize your email and stop leaving it to pile up in your inbox. Fewer messages in your inbox means less of an urgency to check your email. I'm not advocating deleting everything, but archiving it out of sight for reference later will help you feel less anxious about what's in your inbox.

There are tons of organizational strategies you can employ for getting your inbox managed. Any good time management guide will tell you that organizing a system is important when regaining control of your schedule. Make sure you have a folder for things that need to be answered in a time-sensitive manner, and then things that can be taken care of when you have some spare time.  

Get Your Whole Office off the Email Habit

How many times has a colleague in your office emailed you something, then minutes later appeared at your office door asking "did you get my email?" This is not a sign of an efficient, successful law firm. Think about the time this has wasted: they had to compose the email, wait to see if you'd reply, and then come to your office anyway. Instead of just going to your office and asking you whatever it was in the email, they come to ask if you got the email! The question is forgotten and the time is wasted.

Instruct your office to only use email when absolutely necessary.
Things get done quicker in person than over email, especially if you're restricting your checking times. For your legal marketing work, designate one person to be the email checker and let them handle it alone. This cuts down on multiple people interfering with each other when responding to emails.

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