Build a Fan Base for Your Business By Building a Contact List

Building a fan base for your business is a vital step in building a thriving company.  Your fan base will refer new fans to you.  The chain will keep going as long as you keep communicating with those fans.  The first step in all of this, of course, is building hat first fan base.  Use your resources wisely and don't lose track of your previous customers.  To learn more, sign up for our newsletter and/or attend one of our conferences.

BEN GLASS: "Ben, I've got a dollar to spend and an hour to spend.  What do I do next?"  That is like number one frequently asked question.  "After does this stuff really work.  What do I do next?"  So keep this marketing pyramid as you go from this conference, keep it on your desk and think about it.

At the base of the pyramid is the herd, your raving fans.  Those people who know you, like you, find you interesting and will refer.  It is vitally important to build, manage and cultivate that herd.  Out here in the atrium, Blue Orchid Marketing, Infusionsoft, great software packages to help you keep track of your herd, all right?  You will talk to your herd a lot in writing.  You'll become a personality to your herd, but if you don't have a good database system, it can start on cards, it can start there, it can go to a spreadsheet, it can start there.
Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.