How to Use Your Law Practice as a Tool to Serve Your Lifestyle (Part A)

You want to know the biggest thing impeding most attorneys' success? Scratch that. You want to know the biggest roadblock for most lawyers? The thing that stands between them and the successful, thriving law career they've always imagined? Themselves.

Yeah, I'm starting off on the wrong foot for some of you, but here's the thing; it's the cold, hard truth. Too many attorneys are hung up in the old ways of thinking that do nothing-zilch-to help them advance to the level of wealth and success that they imagined came part and parcel with a law degree. Specifically, too many lawyers fail to realize or are hesitant to accept that your law practice should be used as a wealth-building tool to serve your lifestyle

A lot of what I teach in my seminars, coaching program and in my new book, Great Legal Marketing, is rooted in the idea that as a lawyer, you need to change your mindset and start thinking and acting like an entrepreneur. If there is one point that I want to drive home, it is that you have to think about your law firm as a business. In short: your law practice should be a tool that serves your lifestyle. You shouldn't be in service to your law firm.

Now, a lot of attorneys will balk at that notion. I know this because I hear it all the time. Lawyers believe that they are practicing law to fulfill some higher calling. OK, so you want to provide a service to the public in some meaningful manner, I can respect that. But how exactly do you expect to do that if you and your staff are being evicted from your building because you're 6 months behind on your business lease?

What good are you doing any of your clients if you haven't devised efficient business operations and great legal marketing practices that earn money and leave you with plenty of time left to enjoy your material gains with your family and friends?

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