Learn To Immediately Use The System; Build A Multi-Million Dollar Per Year Bankruptcy Firm

An overload of information on exactly how to market your practice

and how you can immediately use that system to build a very

successful, multi-million dollar per year bankruptcy firm


The GLM Consumer Bankruptcy Marketing and Practice Coaching

Program also includes a section devoted entirely to the Internet. The best part about this Program is that it can be easily adapted to changing trends and I have already begun using it as part of our Internet campaign. Whether seeing your ad in the Yellow Pages, on TV, radio or in a newspaper or direct mail piece, or even on the Web, the consumer in need of bankruptcy help will seek out good, honest useful information from someone who is the expert in the area. This Program will quickly make you the expert they seek.


As you progress through all of the things you need to learn to make that phone ring at

will, I will then turn my focus to a unique Staff Intake Training System that begins with showing you exactly what steps to take once someone raises their hand and asks you to send them your information. You get specific instructions you can hand right over to your assistant so he or she can implement phase two of this Program easily and without requiring your time to get it done.


The Staff Intake Training System then tackles the setting of the appointment. You will receive the exact script you or whoever makes appointments in your office will use whenever someone calls your office. That was important to me because I purchased a whole lot of things that I've then had to take and customize and that never happened or, if it did, it took a really long time.


This script is key in helping you to convert over 80% of your calls to appointments and,

more importantly, to get over 82% of those appointments to show up. As I said before, our cancellation rate was huge and using this Program, we were able to significantly decrease our cancellation rate. When I first started, this was a huge problem for me because I booked time on my schedule and then people don't show up.


You will learn exactly how to get your prospects to set their appointment ONLY within the next 24-48 hours and the phone techniques to give you the best possible chance they will show up. The Staff Intake Training System also gives you my technique for dealing with the 18% that still don't show and how you can rope them back in to a second chance to persuading you to take their case. The way the appointment specialist does this and what they say is critical to making the prospect believe they are being given a favor and the specialist is really sticking their neck out.


Next, we cover the intake process and all of the specific steps my receptionist takes to

welcome that prospect into our family and furthers the pre-disposition to working with me. Everything about the initial intake process is covered for you with easy to implement strategies.


Finally, the Staff Intake Training System finishes by discussing the initial consultation

and how you can get over 82% of your prospects to say yes. You will learn how to ask the perfect ice breaker and when to ask the right questions to truly find out what the pain is they are feeling that brought them in.


You will learn how to continually develop the issues while you develop a solution to ease their pain. People will do much more to avoid pain then they will to receive a gain. This Program shows you exactly how to naturally lead them to say yes and how to quote fees that will have your prospects reaching in their pocket to get started right away.


You will get the complete script of exactly what to do and say during the time leading up

to the yes. This whole thing will give you the keys to your prospective client's concerns, so that you can design the best possible solution to their problems and convey the most value possible so that no client will ever leave your office again because they're confused or uncertain. If a client walks out of my office at this point without saying yes, it's because they wouldn't be a good fit for my firm and I wouldn't want to work with them anyway. Not because they were confused or uncertain or didn't understand the value that we were providing.

Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.