Building Trust Through Legal Marketing: Why Trust Is Important

A client looking for an attorney has many choices. There are pages and pages of personal injury lawyers, divorce lawyers, or bankruptcy lawyers on Google or in the Yellow Pages. Most of these lawyers are just as qualified as you are. Smart lawyer marketing is what sets successful attorneys apart from the rest.

Lawyers who get the clients are the ones who realize that legal marketing isn't about selling your qualifications. It isn't even about selling legal services. It is about selling trust.

That's right, as lawyers what we sell is trust!

Think about it. A client who calls you isn't calling because he just decided it was a nice day to hire a lawyer. The client is calling because there is a crisis in his life, a crisis of such monumental proportions that multiple aspects of his life are affected. What the client wants is for life to get better.

No matter what the field, people prefer to do business with someone that they like and trust. This is especially important when the business is personal. Would you want to give the details of your legal problems to someone you don't trust?

How can a client trust an attorney he's never met? You have to make trust the goal in your advertising. Web video is a great option. Video gives the viewer a chance to connect with the person on the screen, but it must be used wisely.

We use video at BenGlassLaw to build a connection with potential clients long before they arrive in our office. Our Mastermind members do the same, and we all end up hearing the same comment from new clients coming in for their first meeting: "I feel like I already know you!"

Imagine having pre-sold clients who are ready to work with you before they even walk in the door. Price stops becoming a concern, communcation policies can be stricter, and all kinds of advantages are in play for you to improve how efficient your practice is and how much it supports your lifestyle.

You can also get rid of many (unfortunately, not all) of the people who are calling you every single day for a case update. Instead, they will TRUST you and your team to get the work done. How much more work would you get done if you weren't dealing with those calls?

There is a base level where you should start with developing trust - it's an easy adjustment to make as long as you pay attention to yourself. If you speak about yourself and use legal jargon, the potential client will tune you out. If you say, "You must call an attorney!" the viewer will feel pressured into a sales situation (and building trust is about doing away with having to do a hard sell on people).

However, if you are personable, use plain language and address the problems on the viewer's mind, you will make that connection. If you provide options and information, the viewer will feel that there is hope for her situation. New clients will say, "I felt I could trust you."

Smart lawyer marketing sells trust. For more information about how you can use legal marketing in new and innovative ways that really work, download your 10-Step Marketing Plan.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.