Expand Your Thinking to Expand Your Legal Practice (Part A)

I've been known to say that thinking like a lawyer is one of the worst things you can do when it comes to lawyer marketing. It's true - if you look at traditional legal marketing it's absolutely horrible because lawyers are not taught how to advertise effectively.

To break away from this mold of bad advertising and poor legal marketing, you need to expand your thinking about your law practice. Remember that being a lawyer means you are in the business of law, you run a business, you are a businessman (or woman).

What business are you in?

When someone asks you the question, "what business are you in?", how do you respond? The typical attorney will just say, "I'm a lawyer," or maybe even expand a bit by adding the practice area, "I'm a personal injury lawyer."  You know what I say to these responses? So what?

Being a lawyer means you went to law school, passed the bar, and got yourself employed at a law firm - big deal! Anyone with a brain and the resources to do so can become a lawyer. No one is going to be impressed with the fact that you're a lawyer, especially if that's all your legal marketing message says to them.

While it's true that we're all in the business of law, the way you express that fact through your legal marketing is the important step. Your answer should be more inspired, more unique and more appealing to the needs of your clients.

What do you sell?

When clients are looking for an attorney it's obvious that they are going to research law firms. You don't need to sell your business of law as just an attorney or group of attorneys because your client already knows that's what they're looking for. What they don't know - and what your legal marketing needs to focus on - is that they're looking for the experience you're waiting to offer them.

In the business of law, it's much more appealing to sell an experience rather than a service. You're obviously a lawyer so it's a no-brainer that you'll be handling their case for settlement. What isn't immediately obvious - and what you need to tell them through your legal marketing - is that your law firm can offer the experience they're looking for.

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