Using Web-Based Personal Injury Attorney Marketing Monitoring Tools

Monitoring is a very important component to any law firm marketing campaign. Monitoring is a form of quality control that helps an attorney to understand the effectiveness of the law firm’s strategy. While the lawyer can control many of the legal marketing materials that it makes available to the public, he or she cannot control the personal interactions that take place between law firm staff and callers. Fortunately, Internet-based telephone monitoring systems allow attorneys to observe the communications that take place without requiring the lawyer to be physically present at all times. The following is an overview of this valuable law firm marketing tool.

What does a web-based telephone monitoring system accomplish?
Web-based telephone monitoring systems allow the law firm to measure, track, and record inbound and outbound phone calls. The lawyer is then able to determine how frequently calls come in, the sources that they came from, and listen to the interaction that takes place. These systems are very similar to mystery calls, only the calls are from real potential or existing clients.

What information can a web-based telephone monitoring system provide?
  • The system tracks the exact number of calls coming in to determine the return on investment from law firm marketing strategies.
  • It allows the lawyer to hear firsthand what potential clients are told when they contact the firm.
  • It identifies red flag areas that need improvement.
  • The system measures the length of phone calls to determine whether employees are explaining enough about the law firm’s products and services
  • It provides alerts for when calls are dropped, and gives the reasons why.

Internet-based phone monitoring systems are well worth the investment for law firms concerned with the effectiveness of their attorney marketing campaigns. For more information about this and other personal injury attorney marketing monitoring tools, contact the experts at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office at 703-591-9829 for more information.
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