Don’t Miss Out! Best Marketing for Lawyers Utilizes Campaign Tracking

Investing time and money into an attorney pay-per-click campaign may be a waste if your law firm has no ability to track the effectiveness of the plan. Tracking is vital because it allows the firm to regularly assess which areas are achieving as much as they should be, and which areas need change or improvement. Fortunately for lawyers concerned with effective legal marketing, there are several options available that can track the success of a pay-per-click plan.

What are two examples of Internet tools that help to track the success of a law firm marketing strategy?
  1. Conversion Tracking. Conversion tracking uses analytics to tell the attorney how many visitors to a particular landing page went on to take the action the law firm anticipated when setting up the page. As examples, the desired action could be the downloading of a free book, filling out an online contact form, emailing the firm, or signing up for the law firm’s newsletter. The conversion tracking tool then reports the effectiveness of the page to the attorney through a percentage that is referred to as the conversion rate. Every search engine available on the Internet currently offers a free conversion tracking method for users.
  1. Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a more advanced tracking tool that is also free and offered by Google. The tool generates detailed reports about the visitors to a law firm website, its traffic, and particular pages. It also offers information about conversion rates. Further, Google Analytics offers several more detailed reports about conversion.

Regardless of which tool is chosen, the ability to track the effectiveness of a website is vital to a successful Internet marketing campaign. To ensure that your firm is using the best marketing for lawyers, contact the experts at Great Legal Marketing. For more information, fill out our online form or call our office at 703-591-9829 for more information.
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