You go on vacation for a week. While you're gone, 12 people order the free report from your website and are sent a series of follow-up emails over the next five days encouraging them to call you practice. Three of them do call the practice, and your paralegal inputs their information into your automated database. This information includes the date of the appointment and will automatically send the potential client reminder emails on the day before and the day of the appointment. You are notified of the date of the appointment as well, so you can easily track how many potential clients will be coming in after you get back to the office.

The nine people who didn't contact you are moved to a lengthy drip campaign that includes more information about their legal issue. They are tracked through the system so you can figure when they finally "turned over" and called the firm. You know thanks to your data that the average caller will either contact you in the first five days after ordering your report or 2-3 months afterwards. The good news is that you don't have to remember to contact people who downloaded your report because the software you have will automatically contact them via email for you.

Doesn't that sound better than doing everything a little bit at a time and making it up as you go along?

Automation takes the processes that you have mapped out for marketing, management and even case workflow and turns them into systems that just keep working for you in the background with helpful reminders popping up when you need them.

More law practices should be taking advantage of automation. We use Infusionsoft to handle everything at BenGlassLaw and Great Legal Marketing. You can learn more about it at

Watch the video below to learn more about automating the marketing and management of your law practice!


Want to Learn More About Automation and How You Can Use It to Make Marketing Your Practice Easier?

We show our members how to develop processes that can be efficiently repeated to bring in more clients than ever before. All of these processes and the ones you already have in your practice can be automated. This could be one of the most important moves you make toward making your life easier. When you set up systems, you reduce the risk of something going wrong, and increase the value of your time, because you won't be stuck doing little tasks that should run on autopilot.

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