Could the Way You Practice Law Be Costing You Clients and Money? Change Your Practice, Your Lawyer Marketing and Your Life!

Think about the reasons you wanted to be a lawyer. Billable hours are probably not the reason you invested three years and thousands of dollars in a law school education. The hope of working with a client once and never seeing that client again is probably not why you studied for the bar exam. Being a slave to your job and never seeing your family is probably not what you thought of during your swearing in ceremony.
While making a good living as an attorney is important and may be one of the reasons you choose the profession, you now know all too well that it is hard to make a good living as a lawyer given the current legal business model.
What if you could change that? What if you could change the way you do business and change your lawyer marketing to reflect your new way of doing business? You might be happier and more successful.
What Other Ways are There to Practice Law?
Turn back the clock and think about why lawyers used to be important business partners and trusted advisors. One of the main reasons is that lawyers built relationships and looked out for their clients. In other words, it is time to throw out the current ways of billing in six-minute increments and being transaction-based lawyers. Instead, you can achieve the income you want and the personal satisfaction of being a counselor at law by building indispensable relationships and structuring your business accordingly.
Why is Lawyer Marketing Important?
The current attitude in the United States is decidedly anti-lawyer. If you are going to do things in a way that is different from most lawyers, if you are going to return to the role of trusted advisor and develop attorney client relationships accordingly, then it is important for your law firm marketing strategies to reflect what you are doing.
Attorney marketing should focus on what makes you unique and on why clients will benefit from contacting you. If you are a small law firm of five or fewer lawyers and you are ready to learn more about practicing law in a different way and reflecting that in your legal marketing, please call us today at 703.591.9829 to discuss your options.
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